“Information is power”, or so the saying goes. And true enough, personal information or data has considerable value to businesses in the digital age. At the same time, modern laws are developing to ensure that those who handle and process information are subject to certain standards of responsibility to protect the owners of the personal data.

Most companies have some on-line presence, whether on a webpage or engaging with customers through social media. Either way, companies often find themselves collecting large quantities of personal data and having to put in place a privacy policy declaring how they handle the personal data that they are accumulating. While many companies use standard form privacy policies on their websites, they may not be effective in protecting a company from liability because their terms failed to address the specific ways in which the company handles and processes the personal data of visitors to their website. To this end, we assist companies in creating a privacy policy that addresses the ways in which they gather and use the personal data collected, ensuring that the privacy policy is drafted and implemented meaningfully in the context of how the company conducts its business.

If you receive personal data in the course of doing business, we can advise you on your personal data obligations, help develop and deploy internal compliance programmes and training modules customised to your specific requirements and contexts; harmonise the various regional laws to enable you to operate your business from a streamlined legal platform and to minimise the risk that any data transfer from one jurisdiction to another breaches the prevailing laws in either.


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