There is an increasing trend toward greater operational transparency. More legal regulations are being enacted and enforced to govern the activities of companies. The failure to observe relevant laws and regulations may lead to severe consequences such as hefty fines and even imprisonment. This can result in significant erosion of business profits and damage to a company’s reputation.

We can help your company increase its compliance with applicable local and regional laws and regulations by identifying areas in which your company may be at risk, assisting in the design and implementation of effective compliance programmes and periodically remediating the same to improve consistent legal conformity.

Our compliance programmes are tailored to your company – its particular operations and its unique areas of vulnerability. We work closely with you to study your company’s operations and recommend practical steps that can be taken to expand compliance. We prepare practical compliance policies that give employees and senior management alike detailed guidelines on the proper procedures to follow with respect to conduct, communications, document-handling, internal interactions and dealings with external parties, as well as all corresponding risk areas. Additionally, we are cognizant of the issues of operating in ambiguous jurisdictions in Southeast Asia and we apply our experience to advise you on how best to insulate yourself against the risk of violations and liability.

We can also prepare internal staff training materials and run training seminars and workshops so that the compliance policies put in place are effectively communicated, understood and internalised, as we believe that any successful compliance policy depends on a high level of employee engagement and acceptance, starting with the management.

Let us help you to understand the laws affecting your business, assess your company’s current state of compliance, and design an effective legal compliance programme aimed at giving you the comfort of knowing that your organisation is equipped and trained to be compliant.


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