Lean Six Sigma and similar business methodologies have spurred companies toward evolving more efficient, nimble structures where non-core business components are outsourced to specialist service providers. Yet, outsourcing a component of your business operations can be incredibly complex, with many moving parts that need to be managed simultaneously while effecting this transition to avoid business disruption. Add to this the fact that outsourcing is normally a longer-term strategy and there are continuing performance targets that need to be included in the relationship with the service provider. You need a contract that balances a well-defined and accurate scope of work against shifting business requirements so that both parties are satisfied with the lasting prospects of the relationship.

Given the fact that many of our own relationships with our clients are established on this same basis, BPOs are something close to our own hearts. We recognise that while contracts must try to define all the nuances of a close partnership, they must remain flexible enough to accommodate the evolving aspects of an ongoing business relationship and we are happy to share the benefits of our experience in this area with our clients.


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