Suppliers often do not have the extensive networks needed to get their products or services to the market. In such situations, they may need to depend on intermediaries such as agents (who sell goods or services on behalf of the supplier) or distribution networks (which purchase goods from the supplier and sell them in their own right) in order to expand their commercial reach so that consumers have ready access to their goods or services.

We have long experience in documenting such relationships, and helping companies better manage their sales channels so that they can focus on business development, advertising and promotion and expanding the demand for their goods and services. We know that companies also need to ensure that their channels are well-managed in order to prevent possible distortions such as unregulated parallel importing or exporting and ensuring that their market structures are adhered to. Whether your business requires an agent or a distributor to enable your products or services reach the market, we are able to assist you in crafting a suitable structure and the requisite documentation to scaffold these relationships.


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