Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand-Protection

Despite taking the best precautions, many rights owners find their IP rights or products being counterfeited or pirated by opportunistic competitors. Unfortunately, the illegitimate use of IP assets continues to be a significant problem throughout the world and Southeast Asia remains notorious as a hotbed for IP counterfeiting and piracy activities. We view anti-counterfeiting and brand protection as an important adjunct to a company’s advertising and marketing initiatives, and a vital part of a business’ overall plan for market expansion and revenue-generation. Without properly safeguarding its valuable IP assets, a business runs the risk of losing whatever gains it makes to illegitimate competition.

We have advised MNCs on holistic regional strategies to tackle counterfeiting and infringement problems and have experienced significant success at reducing counterfeiting rates for our clients. Where many programs emphasise only a single dimension focused on direct administrative, criminal or civil action against infringers, we have developed an effective, multi-pronged approach that addresses the issue at different levels and can be scaled according to requirements.


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