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Do you need to streamline the day-to-day transactions of your company?


Today’s constantly-evolving business environment demands market players that are agile, dynamic and progressive. As lawyers specialising in corporate, commercial and intellectual property law, we make it our business to help other businesses.

Do you need to streamline the day-to-day transactions of your company? Someone to help see around the corner as you operate on the leading edge of your industry? We can help you to reinforce your corporate structures, enhance your legal compliance systems and minimise your legal risks. All this so that your company can blaze that trail across the corporate landscape with zero drag.

Are you are entering into new business relationships? Or looking to expand your business into the region? Let us assist you in safeguarding your interests as you do so, and advise you on potential issues before they ever become a problem. With our experience and insight, and as part of an extensive regional network of legal service providers, you will be in good hands when you take us along on the journey.

Our clients range from start-ups, small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multi-national corporations (MNCs). Whatever the size of your company, and whether its goal is to grow bigger or better - we are familiar with the broad range of issues that all businesses face, and we are here to help.

“We want to
be the best business partner that you will ever have“


Simply put, we want to be the best business partner that you will ever have. So pro-active, responsive and dependable, you’ll feel as though we are sitting right in your office.

We see things from your perspective

Our lawyers have been in your shoes - as managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, employers or in-house legal advisers. This means that we have an insider’s perspective. That’s why we believe in delivering solutions that accord with your commercial realities. Solutions that are not just good on paper, but good in practice.

We are a part of your team

We love being a part of dynamic teams and corporations, and to play a part in its stories and successes. We bring that passion into the way we work with you. Like your internal legal team, yet without the usual employment-related considerations, we will not just be cheering you from the sidelines, but rowing along right with you.

“Our services are charged purely on a fixed fee basis“


Unlike traditional law firms that bill by the hour, our services are charged purely on a fixed fee basis. Why?

We know that open-ended legal costs are frustrating.

There’s nothing worse than exceeding your legal budget before the project is over or the feeling that you are being billed by the minute.

There is little connection between time-based fees and a quality piece of work.

In fact, some may even argue that it promotes inefficiency.

When you engage us for a project, we want you to have the certainty of knowing that we’re there for you from beginning to end, not when the clock runs out. No surprises, no hidden costs. In this way, whether you require legal assistance on a goal-focused project or legal services on a retainer basis, you will be able to manage your budget with certainty.

See What Our Clients Say About Us
“I felt cared for and valued and trust the firm completely.”
Not only did I receive an excellent and timely service from Xavier & Associates, not only did we win, but most importantly, it was the time that Mr Xavier took from his busy diary to communicate the pros and cons of different action. Mr Xavier differs from other lawyers in his willingness to share his opinions and thoughts about different courses and whilst thoroughly professional, was a breath of fresh air. I felt cared for and valued and trust the firm completely. I thoroughly recommend Xavier & Associates LLC.

Gaz HD

Financial Services / -

“Most important difference between bigger law firms and X&A is the level of commitment both Byron and Wan Li gave to me”
Byron and Team from Xavier & Associates were crucial in supporting and guiding me in the acquisition negotiations and legal process for my company. They were very attentive and very meticulous in going through the sales contract. Turnaround times were tight when they took up my case but they managed to meet all the deadlines. The most important difference between bigger law firms and X&A is the level of commitment both Byron and Wan Li gave to me. The differences were very obvious because the other party had engaged a much bigger firm and it was clear that the other parties' lawyers were just going through the process. It has overall been a great experience and I would highly recommend them!

Jerome Pang

Entrepreneur; Founder / Tech company (exited)

“Responses and follow ups were very prompt. Amazing!”
Found Wan Li's firm, Xavier & Associates, through a legal website. Worked with her personally on some business agreement stuff. Impressed by her Quality of Advice and reasonable pricing. Good value. Very patient as I took some time to go through the materials. Responses and follow ups were very prompt. Amazing!

Shawn Yap

Founder / Wealth Quotient LLP

“One of the best you can get as a video game company”
Probably one of the best law services you can get as a video game company. We worked with Wan Li, and her expertise was top notch! She went above and beyond what was required by offering us additional advice, and even moving up her own timeline to meet a deadline we had. We would most definitely work with them again, and it helps that Byron and Wan Li are real actual gamers themselves! That's always a plus!

Desmond Wong

CEO / The Gentlebros - (Cat Quest & Slashy Hero)

“Go-to person for all our corporate legal advice”
In the process of founding and expanding our multinational company I learnt that quality is better than quantity. Few key people can make a huge difference to a business. I always give 100% in my job and I expect nothing less from my collaborators; internal and external. This is what I found when working with Wan Li, a top-down approach to complex IP licensing deals spanning multiple jurisdictions. Wan Li's commitment, professionalism, and skills are rare, and I cherish the relationship with her firm. Wan Li is my go-to person for all our corporate legal advice in APAC; from routine work to global IP licensing deals.

Francesco Lo Conte

Founder, MD / Esprow

“Helped us resolve our case quickly and without further complications”
My company approached Byron after a recommendation from a mentor. Byron and Wan Li were very responsive to our requests and were very attentive towards all the information we gave, ensuring that the legal advice they gave were tailor-made to address all of our concerns. They easily understood the issues we were facing, and made sure to clarify any uncertainties they had about industry-specific issues, and gave their all, even though we were a small business. Their detailed inputs and efficient responses helped us resolve our case quickly and without further complications. I would not hesitate to recommend Xavier & Associates to any company who want quick but detailed legal advice.

Muhammad Hanif Bin Ghazali

Co-founder / Joysteak Studios - (Songbird Symphony)

“Highly professional; timely response”
Byron provided us with valuable advice and next best course of action during the engagement with us. He is highly professional and provided timely response to queries and update on the legal proceedings.  Definitely someone you can trust with your legal matters.

Dimas Baskoro

General Manager / Brandsbridge Pte Ltd

“They went beyond what was required”
I went to Xavier and Associates LLC when my startup encountered legal issues that could have been avoided if I had obtained proper legal advice early on.  Their fixed-fee solution gave me a peace of mind, since as a startup, we would not have been able to engage a lawyer on an hourly basis. They exceeded my expectations with their professionalism as they went beyond what was required to ensure that my startup's legal matter was properly resolved. I would highly recommend any startup to consult with Xavier and Associates LLC to seek their guidance and ensure that your startup's legal matters are set up properly in order to save yourself a lot trouble later on."    

Teo Cheng Yong

Co-founder / Pointable Lab Pte. Ltd.

“A true partner who takes full interest in your business”
A close friend of mine recommended Byron to me when I was starting up my marketplace company. I was very impressed by Byron in the first meeting where he could quickly grasped the concept of my business model and then advised what legal provisions are required to operate and scale my business. During drafting, I had the opportunity to work with Wan Li. She is very thorough, detail, and prompt in response. I like how she saw my business as her own and gave 110% into every document she drafted. I would highly recommend Xavier & Associates to any company who are not just looking for legal advice, but a true partner who takes full interest in your business.  

Marcus Chan

Founder / The Cue Pte. Ltd.

“A team of top notch advisers”
You don't get many IP lawyers who understand tech so well. At Xavier & Associates LLC, you have a team of top notch advisers who work with you every step of the way anticipating the risks and opportunities. Through the connections provided, we have been able to gain access to talent and capital. Yes there are free online legal resources... but let's not be penny wise pound foolish. Work with the best without burning your budget. Don't just trust what I say, speak to Byron Xavier.  

Victor Lee

Founder / 3DLantis Pte Ltd

“Truly respect and admire his conflict resolution and negotiations skill”
Truly respect and admire his conflict resolution and negotiations skill. Byron is indeed the "go-to-guy" whenever I encountered both complex and day-to-day legal matters. Nothing is too small or too big for him to resolve in the most amicable way that benefits both sides.

Ronald Lim

Director / Management Services

“Reliable and trustworthy”
As an entrepreneur just starting out with a new business, I was a little out of my depth and had concerns about finding a reliable and trustworthy lawyer that had mine and my business' best interests at heart. I am so glad to have found Xavier & Associates, as Wan Li put my mind at ease immediately during our first phone call. Wan Li is very experienced in the field, and was genuinely interested in my business, guiding me comprehensively and addressing all of my concerns professionally. Since then, all communication and work has been done efficiently and to a really high standard. I feel really at ease knowing that my contracts are solid and it makes all the difference! I would highly recommend this firm and Wan Li.

Weijia Koh

Founder / Keepsake Bespoke

“Far exceeded my expectations”
Was provided with incredible insight and advice that far exceeded my expectations. Was really impressed by their expertise in managing technology-related law.  

Andy Naylor

Founder / Nokomai Studios

“Care and attention”
I go to great lengths to seek the best service providers for our business. I am very demanding and I expect results close to perfection. I reluctantly agreed to let others know about Xavier & Associates because I am jealous of them. I want to keep them to myself and not share them with others. If my review brings them more clients I wish these to be nice people that deserve Wan Li's and Byron's care and attention. Otherwise I'd be equally happy to continue being one of their exclusive clients.  

Francesco Lo Conte

Founder, MD / Esprow

“Concise advice”
When I was setting up my first permanent bookstore, I needed a lawyer to guide me through the lease agreement. A friend recommended WanLi to me. I was impressed with her concise advice and swift responses. She knew exactly what my concerns were as an independent bookseller. It was only later that I found out she was a book lover too. If you want legal advices that are clear and cut to the chase, go talk to her.  

Anthony Koh Waugh

Founder / Booktique

“Experienced lawyers … care about their clients”
Experienced lawyers that really care about their clients.  

Paul Naylor

Founder / LandShark Games - (Zen Koi, Zen Koi 2)

“An invaluable partner to any tech start-up”
As a startup, we not only need cost-efficient legal templates. Beyond the paperwork, Byron provides strategic advice and a network of potential investors and partners for our go-to-market and tech roll-out. An invaluable partner to any tech startup.

Victor Lee

Founder / 3DLantis Pte Ltd

“Addressed all my concerns clearly”
I was recommended to Xavier & Associates by my customer after seeing my plea for affordable legal advice on Facebook. Wan Li responded promptly to my email and addressed all my concerns clearly. Her advice saved me money that my landlord had demanded in the contract. Being a startup, I needed to ensure that the interest of my business was protected. The fact that she is also a bookworm put my mind at ease. Now, I know why Ann Patchett said that reading "gives us the ability to feel empathy for people we've never met.

Anthony Waugh Koh

Founder / Booktique

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We know you hate timesheets. We’ve been there, and we don’t believe in them either. We want to break away from the evils of traditional law practice – long hours, timesheets, lack of guidance, impossible billing targets, repetitive and purposeless work. We don’t overcharge our clients, and we don’t overtax our people.

We believe in creating a workplace where everyone can do what they love and do best every day. We are a strengths-based law firm. We leverage and build on the unique talents of our people by focusing on strengths and not weaknesses. For us, success comes from doing what you are naturally good at.

We believe that the practice of law has to evolve. And we are looking for people who want to join us as we blaze that trail.

If you are someone who is passionate, talented, committed and a team player, we are interested.

Email us at recruit@xavierlegal.com

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