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Do you need to streamline the day-to-day transactions of your company?


Today’s constantly-evolving business environment demands market players that are agile, dynamic and progressive. As lawyers specialising in corporate, commercial and intellectual property law, we make it our business to help other businesses.

Do you need to streamline the day-to-day transactions of your company? Someone to help see around the corner as you operate on the leading edge of your industry? We can help you to reinforce your corporate structures, enhance your legal compliance systems and minimise your legal risks. All this so that your company can blaze that trail across the corporate landscape with zero drag.

Are you are entering into new business relationships? Or looking to expand your business into the region? Let us assist you in safeguarding your interests as you do so, and advise you on potential issues before they ever become a problem. With our experience and insight, and as part of an extensive regional network of legal service providers, you will be in good hands when you take us along on the journey.

Our clients range from start-ups, small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multi-national corporations (MNCs). Whatever the size of your company, and whether its goal is to grow bigger or better - we are familiar with the broad range of issues that all businesses face, and we are here to help.

“We want to
be the best business partner that you will ever have“


Simply put, we want to be the best business partner that you will ever have. So pro-active, responsive and dependable, you’ll feel as though we are sitting right in your office.

We see things from your perspective

Our lawyers have been in your shoes - as managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, employers or in-house legal advisers. This means that we have an insider’s perspective. That’s why we believe in delivering solutions that accord with your commercial realities. Solutions that are not just good on paper, but good in practice.

We are a part of your team

We love being a part of dynamic teams and corporations, and to play a part in its stories and successes. We bring that passion into the way we work with you. Like your internal legal team, yet without the usual employment-related considerations, we will not just be cheering you from the sidelines, but rowing along right with you.

“Our services are charged purely on a fixed fee basis“


Unlike traditional law firms that bill by the hour, our services are charged purely on a fixed fee basis. Why?

We know that open-ended legal costs are frustrating.

There’s nothing worse than exceeding your legal budget before the project is over or the feeling that you are being billed by the minute.

There is little connection between time-based fees and a quality piece of work.

In fact, some may even argue that it promotes inefficiency.

When you engage us for a project, we want you to have the certainty of knowing that we’re there for you from beginning to end, not when the clock runs out. No surprises, no hidden costs. In this way, whether you require legal assistance on a goal-focused project or legal services on a retainer basis, you will be able to manage your budget with certainty.

Xavier legal careers


We know you hate timesheets. We’ve been there, and we don’t believe in them either. We want to break away from the evils of traditional law practice – long hours, timesheets, lack of guidance, impossible billing targets, repetitive and purposeless work. We don’t overcharge our clients, and we don’t overtax our people.

We believe in creating a workplace where everyone can do what they love and do best every day. We are a strengths-based law firm. We leverage and build on the unique talents of our people by focusing on strengths and not weaknesses. For us, success comes from doing what you are naturally good at.

We believe that the practice of law has to evolve. And we are looking for people who want to join us as we blaze that trail.

If you are someone who is passionate, talented, committed and a team player, we are interested.

Email us at recruit@xavierlegal.com

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