Corporate law generally refers to the law governing a company’s corporate structure and administration and its relationship with stakeholders such as directors, shareholders and creditors.

We understand the key commercial and legal issues that companies face at each stage of their life cycles, and the key value drivers of a company. By providing legal advice that is tailored to your company’s market, organisational structure and strategic objectives, we help reduce your legal risks and transactional costs, and help you make better and more profitable strategic decisions.

Apart from negotiating, documenting and implementing corporate transactions, we also guide clients in structuring them, by bringing legal perspectives to business issues such as:

  • How you can buy another company, whether by buying its assets or shares.
  • When partnering with another company, is a joint venture the best way?
  • When and why you should consider an intra-group reorganisation.
  • How shareholders’ rights should be structured to avoid deadlock and for business continuity.


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