System Turnkey & System Integration

Most companies rely on an IT infrastructure to function. How that infrastructure is developed and deployed, though, varies depending on circumstances. Companies without anything already in place are able to make use of a system turnkey arrangement where the IT provider supplies the client a full system comprising both hardware and software solutions.

For most other companies with existing hardware or software components already installed, a system integration agreement will be necessary to ensure that the IT provider is able to integrate the products that they are supplying with the existing client system and to protect them from the impact of a failed integration. These are often complicated arrangements that require a careful audit of the existing system in order to incorporate the requirements of the client and balance them against the limitations of the products and capabilities of the IT provider. Legal consultation at an early stage of this process can help to provide a better communication platform between the customer and the IT provider so that both parties’ expectations are clear at the outset.


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