In an age where an idea translates easily into material expression, and with every individual having the potential to be an original creator, intellectual property (“IP”) protection has become more important than ever. The marketplace of ideas has become a veritable bazaar where the latest apps, gadgets, publications, media and inventions jostle for the consumer’s attention. A failure to properly address IP protection may result in damages, losses and time wasted as a result of infringement or piracy, all of which may critically affect a business that is built on a foundation of its IP assets.

We assist our clients in protecting and commercialising their IP assets. Whether it is helping them identify their IP assets in the first place and then determining the adequacy of protection required, developing an enforcement program to minimise the infringement of their IP rights, brands and/or merchandise, or simply charting a strategy to find the best route to market for their IP, we have worked with corporate clients of all sizes to build the appropriate scaffolding that supports their IP plan.


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