Information Technology

Even though information technology (“IT”) contracts are pretty much like any other contract, when they come in voluminous folders and use complicated jargon, we do our best to help our clients sift through the tech-speak and the legalese to find some measure of understanding. Whether the issue is rooted in crafting an IT outsourcing agreement, engaging a developer for an app, drafting website terms and conditions, establishing an e-commerce portal, documenting an on-line privacy policy or resolving domain name disputes, we have considerable experience in dealing with IT law matters from before the time the Y2K bug was an issue.

The secret is this: beneath all IT arrangements often lies an intricate framework of contracts dealing with the inter-relation of the parties involved and the interplay of their attendant rights and obligations. Our role is to help you navigate, reinforce and identify weak links in this contractual network to swiftly clarify any ambiguity and implement any additional documentation necessary to rectify sighted deficiencies that may affect your IT system.


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