Softwate Development & Licensing

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices today, bolstered by the affordable services offered by numerous software development companies, it seems simple enough for any enterprise to develop its own proprietary software application, whether it is needed to support a product, enable direct engagement with its customers or simply to market its services to members of the public willing to download the relevant app from the corresponding on-line app store.

From both the client and the developer’s perspective, we can help review your software development agreements’ terms and conditions with a view to protecting your commercial interests and identifying potential pitfalls and loopholes or better yet, help you create a standardised, commercially-balanced contract for IT services.

If you already have software that you are looking to license, we can also help you develop an appropriate End-User Licence Agreement (“EULA”) to ensure that your rights in the software are properly identified and acceded to prior to use.


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