The reality of modern trade and the rise of internet commerce means that companies are able to look for markets abroad instead of depending solely on domestic demand. At the same time, national security concerns and ongoing sanctions against rogue nations place additional requirements on manufacturers and exporters to ensure that their products or materials do not end up in embargoed countries or for unregulated and illegal military or destructive purposes.

Additionally, certain items are designated as strategic goods and require special handling in terms of export clearance owing to their ability to be utilised for military purposes. These can range from certain types of encryption software, high-specification processor chips to chemicals and biological agents.

Export control laws require companies to have screening protocols in place to ascertain whether customers have been identified on any lists of parties of concern, are situated in embargoed countries or have connections with parties identified on such lists. The penalties for breach can be fairly serious, depending on the jurisdiction. If your business involves the export of goods or services, we are able to help you develop and implement a programme aimed at helping your business remain compliant with these laws.


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