Internet & E-commerce

Despite the fact that many of us do our shopping on-line and make payments through e-commerce facilities, few (save perhaps lawyers) spend time reviewing the click-through terms and conditions set out by web merchants. However, if your company conducts business over the internet, then you’ll appreciate that using a one-size-fits-all template is a risky prospect that will tend to backfire in the event of a dispute or even worse, in the event of leakage of your customers’ personal and/or financial data.

Nothing beats the peace of mind of having a properly conceived and purpose- drafted set of on-line terms and conditions that addresses your business process and deals with the associated risks and problems unique to your particular industry or field.

Even if your website is not being used for commercial transactions, it is prudent to ensure that its terms and conditions are being updated regularly to deal with personal data protection issues and to clarify ownership of IP rights in the website, and we can help you with this.


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