Commissioner for Oaths & Notary Public Services

We provide the following services for certifying true copies of original documents, and witnessing the execution of documents by individuals and companies:


Commissioning oaths for affidavits and statutory declarations by Commissioner for Oaths (for documents intended for use in Singapore)


  • Standard fees: S$25.00 per signatureS$5.00 per exhibit (if any)


  • Translation fees (verbal translation to Mandarin or Malay):S$50.00 – S$100.00 (depending on length and complexity)


Certification of true copies and witnessing of signatures by an Advocate & Solicitor (“A&S”)  


  • Fees for certifying true copy by A&S: S$5 for 1st page; S$2 per subsequent page

(excluding black and white photocopying done at our office)


  • Fees for witnessing signature on document by A&S: S$15.00 per signature


Certification of true copies and witnessing of signatures by a Notary Public (“NP”)

(for documents intended for use outside Singapore) 


  • Standard fees for signing before NP:

S$40.00 for 1st signature (individual signing) or S$150.00 (company signing)

S$20.00 for 2nd signature (individual) on same document

S$10.00 per exhibit


  • Standard fees for certified true copy by NP:

S$10.00 for 1st page, $2.00 per subsequent page


  • Standard fees for notarial certificate (mandatory for each notarised document)

S$75.00 per notarial certificate


  • Standard fees for authentication charged by the Singapore Academy of Law (“SAL”) (mandatory for each notarised document)

S$86.40 per notarial certificate


Optional complementary services 


  • Onsite Service: S$150.00

For Commissioner or Notary Public to witness signing at your site/office/place of residence. Excludes travel to Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island, Jurong Shipyard, Jurong Port and other
restricted areas, for which additional fees may apply.


  • SAL Service for notarised documents : S$50.00 (one-way) or S$100.00 (two-way)

For our despatch service to bring your notarised documents to the Singapore Academy of Law (“SAL”) for authentication (one-way).  Authenticated documents have to be collected by you from our office at Harbourfront Centre unless you opt for two-way despatch i.e. for the authenticated documents to be delivered back to you by courier.


  • Embassy Service for notarised and SAL-authenticated documents:

For our despatch service to bring your notarised and authenticated documents to the relevant Embassy for legalisation.  Our service fees vary depending on the embassy, and whether one-way or two-way despatch is required. Kindly call us to enquire for details.   



– fees indicated as ‘standard fees’ are prescribed by law

– items indicated as mandatory are required by law


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