Angel And Venture Capital Fund-Raising

At some stage of a start-up or small and medium enterprise’s (SME) development, it may decide to seek investments from angel or venture capital investors, to fund expansion. This is a very time-consuming, exhausting and emotionally draining experience, as the management has to continue with product development, growing sales channels, maintaining staff performance and generally keeping the business running while pitching to potential investors.

What are term sheets, convertible notes, preference shares, redemption, conversion, anti-dilution, liquidation preferences, pre-emption, or share vesting? By guiding you through these different types of investment models, the legal paperwork, and the entire process generally, we aim to bring peace of mind and clarity to clients engaging with potential investors. We also help companies prepare for the due diligence process.

We understand that when entrepreneurs seek investments, they want to raise money without losing too much control of their company or unknowingly accept unfair or unusual terms. They want to work with a lawyer who is not just technically sound but who also knows their business, the fund-raising process, and what angel and venture capital investors want.

We enjoy working with start-ups and SMEs, and have worked with many of them at various stages of the business lifecycle, on commercial and legal matters like intellectual property ownership, relationships with customers and contractors, compliance with data privacy and other laws, relationships between owners, fund-raising, franchising and joint ventures.


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