Start-Ups And SMEs

A strong legal foundation is key to a start-up or an SME’s success. By conducting business without the right share structure, without securing intellectual property, and without contracts with its vendors, customers and staff, start-ups and SMEs assume huge risks that cost far more to fix later, assuming those oversights do not overwhelm the business. Even if entrepreneurs appreciate good legal advice, they may delay in acting, due to their limited starting budgets, over-focusing on operations, and the perceived uncertainty and high costs of legal fees, even if this harms business growth and valuations. Many good businesses fail, not from bad products, cost control, marketing or pricing, but improperly-handled issues.


As lawyers who support innovation and entrepreneurship, we aim to help start-ups grow from inception to exit – whether by an acquisition or IPO. We offer a range of start-up-focused toolkits with  fixed fees. As each start-up is unique, we recommend only what is needed, based on its lifecycle stage, type of business and organizational requirements.

We also recognise that there are different types of start-ups with differing needs. We have developed our toolkits with this in mind, offering different tiers of service and resources for different requirements and resources. Each Start-up Toolkit comes with a bundle of customised contracts, and includes specific training modules and contact time with us for you to learn how the contracts work and how they should be deployed, as well as time to consult us on legal issues that you may encounter. Contact us for more details on the Startup Toolkits.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs are a crucial part of the economy, forming 97% of all businesses in the Asia Pacific alone. As an SME ourselves, we understand your focus on revenue growth, cost control, overseas expansion and branding. We know lawyers are often seen as costly, last-resort options, and most people prefer free legal advice from the internet, friends or family, only seeking help when things are so serious that they have little choice. We want to help SMEs early, so as to give them cost savings, more legal options, time to strategise and advice that helps them grow and not just avert crises.

We offer a range of SME-focused Toolkits for fixed fees. As each SME is unique, and has specific needs, we offer a free consultation, before recommending a specific SME Toolkit. Each SME Toolkit comes with a bundle of customised contracts and training from us for you and your managers to learn how to use the contracts and to consult us on legal matters.


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