External In-House Counsel

You are the owner of a fast-growing start-up or SME, or the head of an overworked and under-resourced in-house legal team. You have considered hiring an in-house lawyer for the first time, expanding your team, or engaging a law firm, but are put off by the costs and the time the new hire or new law firm needs to understand your business. Or, you may already work with a law firm you like, but they are too expensive and not responsive enough for your day-to-day legal work.

As former in-house lawyers ourselves, we know exactly what you need, and have done the type of work you are doing. We understand your need for legal advice that is aligned with your business’s operational, commercial and strategic objectives. You need quick, ready access to legal advice from experienced business lawyers, but with predictable and transparent legal costs. That is why we are offering our innovative External In-house Counsel solution that can be effected in several ways.

For a monthly fixed fee – we can deploy one of our experienced and highly-qualified business lawyers to work on-site at your premises, to take care of all your day-to-day legal matters. You can pull him or her into a last-minute meeting, or have him or her review how you enter into contracts, train your managers to comply with regional data privacy, competition or anti-corruption laws, or simply clear your backlog of legal work.

Because this lawyer works at your premises, surrounded by your managers and staff, he or she will be able to quickly understand the culture, processes, operations and policies of your organization, and you get lawyers who very quickly gain an intimate understanding of your business’ culture and its commercial and strategic issues. The result is legal advice that is aligned with and supports your company’s strategy.

Alternatively, our lawyer does a deep dive into your company, studying its policies and engaging with your personnel. We take the effort to understand your company’s values, business and philosophy, and absorbing its culture and environment through regular contact time with your company’s key personnel. Using this knowledge, we then engage in providing legal services through the lens and context of an employee within your company. This ensures that the work we deliver is consonant with the ethos and approach taken by your company and is consistent with the company’s values, vision and direction.

We recommend the right lawyer for you, and provide only the type and level of support you need, based on a holistic analysis of your business – its operations, value proposition, strategy, and legal risk factors. Along the way, we learn and grow with you, and we assess the type and level of support, as your business moves along the business life cycle.

Best of all, you do not have to worry about headcount issues like provident funds, salary increments, year-end bonuses, or staff retention. And you still have access to our firm’s full range of experienced business lawyers whose expertise cuts across various specialities through the one lawyer deployed to handle your work.


True fixed-fees; no hidden costs. Not just external lawyers, but fully embedded legal counsel.


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